Hearing Aids


Up to 50 million people throughout the country suffer from hearing loss. About 20 percent of those with hearing loss may benefit from hearing aids. We want you to be happy with your choice. Individuals who choose to treat their hearing loss with hearing aids are known to have better overall health, professional success and emotional well-being than those who don’t. The right amplification can cause a huge improvement in the quality of life and communication!


After being diagnosed with hearing loss by your audiologist, you may be recommended for a follow up appointment known as a Hearing Aid Evaluation. This appointment lasts for about one hour and our audiologists will go through the process of finding a hearing aid that fits your individual hearing loss and lifestyle needs. After selecting a hearing aid that fits these needs, you will be given a two-week trial period where you can find out how much benefit you can gain in your quality of life with the hearing aids. At the conclusion of the two-week trial period, a follow up appointment is scheduled and your audiologist will check in to see how your hearing aids are working for you. Additional adjustments may be required. It may take some time to adjust the hearing aids to achieve their maximum effectiveness, but our highly trained audiologists are experienced in the fitting process and will work to make sure your hearing aids are working up to the highest standards.


Newer hearing aids can accommodate a number of different accessories. These can help improve your quality of life in certain situations such as watching television or when trying to hear in a large group of people.

TV streamer

This device can connect directly to your television, stereo or computer and allows your hearing aids to act as wireless headphones. Sound from your TV is streamed directly to your hearing aids for a better listening experience. Friends and family can listen to the TV on a comfortable volume while you stream clear sound directly to your ears

Mini Microphones

Microphones are small, discrete devices to be placed near a speaker or conversation partner to gather sound that is wirelessly transmitted directly to your ears. These are extremely helpful in loud environments like restaurants, sporting events, business meetings, or dinner parties.

Phone streamers

Streamers can transmit a call directly from your cell phone to both of your hearing aids. This allows for a hands-free listening experience.